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Tritton Arm sleeve compression

Triton Arm sleeve compression. Created for people who require compressions in the entire area of the arms. FLATLOCK seams (flat-lock) to minimize friction.

39,95 €
39,95 €
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Created for people who require compressions in the entire area of the arms. FLATLOCK seams (flat-lock) to minimize friction.

SURAL CP Compression Technology:

Sural has dedicated a great amount of resources in creating what is probably the best line of compression products available in the market today.

When developing the CP line compression garnments, Sural has taken into consideration the following factors:

Adaptive compression through design, not mere squeezing effect
Integration of Active and Recovery properties
Odor protection


Compression in the SURAL CP line of products excerts specific pressure around the different muscle groups and it is adapted for individual areas. The pressure is applied through a proprietary method using a pressure-per-square-centimeter, rather than an overall applied pressure as our competitors do, thus eliminating the "squeezing" sensation.
The compression facilitates blood circulation, minimizing stress impact and release of lactic acid in the muscle and facilitates the elimination of toxins produced by the athlete's body under intense workout.


Due to this innovative pressure-per-square-centimeter design, SURAL compression products can be used for both Active and Recovery. Whilst our competitors need two different products to achieve muscle control and recovery after the workout, at Sural we accomplish this feature through a well conceived and designed product. The adaptive compression applied to the muscle is never excessive and it is distributed so that the muscle is enveloped with different points of pressure and intensity allowing the athlete to wear our product for many hours a day.

The specially engineered fabric of the SURAL Compression products allows to maintain a constant optimal muscle temperature during intense workout, thus minimizing the possibilty of muscle damage due to sudden variation of temperature.

The fabric also has the maximum breathability so that the inevitable sweat of the workout finds its way out leaving the muscle dry, warm and confortable.

SURAL Compression fabric is antimicrobial to keep you odor free for your maximum comfort


All SURAL fabrics are designed to last and withstand intense workouts, frequent washing and chlorinated water







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