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Finis Snorkel cardio cap

Designed specifically for the Adult and...

6,50 €

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Finis Snorkel Dry top

The Snorkel Dry Top uses a patented...

18,50 €

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Kick Pro

The Kick Pro is a neoprene cuff worn...

37,00 €

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Posture Trainer

The Posture Trainer promotes correct...

24,50 €

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Replacement Head bracket Swimmers snorkel

Replacement head bracket for Swimmers...

13,50 €

Product details

Replacement Purge Valve

For use on recent models of the...

4,00 €

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Replacement Tubing

Replacement tubing for Freestyler Hand...

3,80 €

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Eng: SwimEars® earplugs let sound in...

59,95 €

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